Accounting 204 – What If Budget Analysis


What are the major benefits of budgeting?
Contribution Margin (CM) Income Statement Profitability Analysis:

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Accounting 204 – What If Budget Analysis
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Analyze what your MOS% means. How is this meaning substantiated by your CM Income statement results for the different months? 
Net Profit Margin automatically becomes part of your Vertical Analysis (or common-sized percents) within your CM Income Statement. Analyze why Net Profit Margin % is different when comparing the different volumes each month? 

Analysis of Profitability, Liquidity, Solvency of your business relative to benchmark

Describe the company and/or industry you are using as a benchmark for your business. Indicate the related strengths and/or limitations of using this as a benchmark.
In your original budget, evaluate your business’ profitability, liquidity, and solvency relative to your benchmark’s performance for those ratios in each category. Why might there be a significant difference between your performance and your benchmark’s performance in each category?



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