Accenture Company

Successfully complete the following tasks:

1. Prepare a Paper that describes the assigned company. 

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Accenture Company
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a. Who is the company? (2 pages)

i. What do they do?

ii. Where are they headquartered?

iii. What is their history?

iv. What does the firm believe are the most important aspects of successful new product development?

b. What problem does their product(s) or service(s) solve? (2 pages)

i. How would you measure the efficiency of the processes that they use?

ii. Are there key design principles that govern the effectiveness of the product?

c. Why are their solutions good for consumers and the business? (1 page)

i. Describe any policies that they have for their customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and society at large. Are there any conflicting policies?

d. The target market (1 page)

i. Do they have multiple target markets? Do they compete against each other?

e. Employees (1 page)

i. How are employees selected? What types of employees are needed?

ii. What are their policies for hiring employees? Leading employees?

iii. How would you ensure that motivation and commitment among employees?

f. Business model to market the product or service (1 page)

i. Is the model different in various global markets?

g. Technological advances of the organization that makes the product or service viable. (2 pages)

i. What technology advances are key to this company?

ii. What is the physical layout of the company’s facilities? Does this impact their use of technology?


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