Abnormal Psychology

Using the Mock Counseling Intake Form (either Word, or PDF format) describe your client (age, gender, occupation, family constellation, lifestyle, etc.), what has been happening to him or her that has brought that person to therapy, what are the behaviors, symptoms, and diagnosis, what are the client’s strengths, resources, and challenges or weaknesses, etc.  Because movies rarely give enough details about any particular character, you will have to do some guessing when filling out the intake form.  Based on the movie character and the diagnosis you will be giving them, make your best educated guess about sections not mentioned in the movie.  For example, if you will be diagnosing the client with Major Depressive Disorder, but the movie does not give information about family medical history, it is perfectly fine to say the client’s mother and maternal aunt both suffer from Depression.  Here is where you will need to use some deductive reasoning to paint a more rounded picture of your fictional client.  
Next, contrast TWO recommended, research-based treatment approaches for your fictional client. What does each approach entail? Describe a treatment plan for each of these approaches and “homework” that you might give the client to supplement the work done in session. You will cite and reference at least two high quality, academic, researched-based resources (peer-reviewed journal articles or books published by the ACA or APA) for each treatment strategy so we know what you are basing your treatment strategy on.
Lastly, once you have completed the Mock Counseling Intake Form and Treatment Plan, attach them to a discussion post in Module 7.  You may choose any disorder, but must select treatment approaches within the psychosocial category.  After you have posted your Case Study Project to this discussion, you must view and respond to at least three other students. In your replies to classmates, assume the role of a participant in group case supervision.  Do research on effective approaches to intervention, identify the treatment modality that you believe would be most effective, and make suggestions about possible enhancements or additional considerations to the two treatment plans proposed in your classmate’s initial posting.  Your response will be in the usual written format within the discussion.
There is not a minimum word count for the Mock Counseling Intake Form.  However, in order to receive full credit, you must go into a significantamount of depth and detail on all sections of the intake form and the treatment plan.  Remember, be creative, but also be academic and support your conclusions and treatment strategies with solid academic scholarly resources.

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Abnormal Psychology
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