ABC Shoe Company

The ABC Shoe Company has asked your team to create a design document of a running shoe that is based on the needs and wants of the consumer for the production department. You will need to determine how to effectively gather the customer needs and wants so that they can be translated into a design document for the production of the running shoe. Once you have determined how those needs and wants will be gathered, you will determine how to translate them to create a design document, which includes all of the functions that will need to occur to produce the design of that shoe. Complete the following:

  • Create a design document that includes the following:
    • At least 2 methods for gathering user requirements
    • An explanation for translating user needs into the design document requirements
    • A plan and design of the product using the business design strategy 
    • A comparison and contrast of the service and product design
  • The format should include the following:
    • A method for gathering customer needs and wants and how they will be translated into a production design document
    • A product design document that includes all of the required functions to produce the shoe
    • A document of 6–8 body pages using APA format
  • Use the library, Internet, and other resources to research your response.
  • All resources should be cited in the body of the work.
  • Please include information related to documents downloaded as Word files below.

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