For this second building block toward your final research paper, you should prepare an outline and provide sources which will be used in your final paper. The outline and sources should be in APA format. 
The outline should include the following elements:
1. thesis statement,
2. major points that support a thesis, and
3. supporting points for major points.
The sources should be related to your topic (Prison Overcrowding) and provided in APA format on the reference page. At least three academic sources must be used. All articles must be peer-reviewed and be published within the past 5 years in a journal.
Please note that you may use more than three references in your paper; however, three are stipulated here to assist you in developing the outline, main points, and supporting points. Additionally, you are not required to use the references identified in this assignment on your final paper as you may have located more appropriate sources.
Your final paper for this block should be at least three pages in length including the references page. A title page, abstract, and running head are not required for this assignment.

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