A literature review is designed to summarize, synthesize, and discuss the current state of knowledge about a topic

A literature review is designed to summarize, synthesize, and discuss the current state of knowledge about a topic. You will survey books, articles, and other sources of information pertinent to your research topic in an effort to critically analyze and synthesize prior research and how it will inform your current research question.

Your project will focus primarily on your chosen specialization(s) and will include research methodology and statistics/analysis where applicable.   

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A literature review is designed to summarize, synthesize, and discuss the current state of knowledge about a topic
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As briefed by your instructor, the project topic must be related to your specialization(s). If you have done multiple specializations within your degree, the project topic must come from any one of the specializations.

Key to developing the proposed project topic is whether or not it can meet the standards and applicable specialization outcomes and whether or not it is “doable.”

Review the outcome for your specialization(s) in the course syllabus and make sure your topic can meet the specialization(s) outcome.

In addition, make sure your proposed topic is “doable”. What is the significance of your proposed topic? What are you trying to do with your project? Are resources available to do a substantial literature review? Will you have permission to use those resources? 

Make sure a statistically measurable hypothesis can be developed related to your topic. 

Data must also be readily available for the statistical analysis of the hypothesis. Data collection will be addressed in your proposal and again in week 4.

Submit your proposed topic to your instructor for review/feedback/approval. Submit your proposed topic in a document. Your instructor will respond using the Document Viewer in the Grades area with guidance to prepare you for the actual proposal submission in week 2.

Writer you must include the specializations in this project.

The specializations that I am using are Aviation Aerospace Safety systems & Unmanned Aerospace systems

Write at least 1 ½ to 2 pages on your topic. Make sure its APA format.


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