8082 Assignment 1

For this Assignment, you will research in the Walden Library a current trend or issue related to meaningful learning experiences and supportive environments. By exploring multiple perspectives, you will gain new insight on this issue or trend that will help shape your work with young children and their families.

To Prepare:
Review this module’s Learning Resources and consider some of the issues and current trends related to fostering meaningful learning experiences in supportive early childhood environments that you might see evidenced in early childhood settings on a daily basis. Some examples may include: mandates regarding teaching to specific standards; incorporating project-based learning, integrating play throughout children’s day in order to foster healthy development and learning. Select an issue or a trend (from this list or another that greatly interests you) that you believe impacts the quality of learning experiences and/or environments in early childhood settings. Consider how the issue or trend reflects or departs from the principles and guidelines of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Research this issue or trend in depth. Draw on at least 5 current scholarly resources from the Walden Library or other resources that expand your knowledge in the area you have chosen.

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8082 Assignment 1
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