7-2 Submit Final Project

 Strategic planning is the process or mechanism used by healthcare organizations to analyze new regulations, policies, and procedures and to reconsider their mission, vision, and values. Strategic planning can also be the vehicle that healthcare organizations use to revamp themselves and offer new products and services. The healthcare manager plays an important role in analyzing and executing the organizational strategic planning. Understanding the key principles and competencies associated with strategic planning, and how these principles and competencies are applied in day-to-day hospital operations, is critical for healthcare managers. This final project will provide you the opportunity to analyze strategic planning within a healthcare organization, including identification of stakeholders and the role they serve in the process and the alignment between strategic planning and the organization’s mission and vision. You will also be asked for recommendations on the best course of action for the healthcare manager to make in terms of strategic planning around an issue. 

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7-2 Submit Final Project
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