Funding plan is attached

Using your funding plan as the basis for your slide deck, create a 10-15 slide deck incorporating the following information. Then submit your slide deck for evaluation.

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Title (business’s name, your name, and contact information)
Traction (current sales, shows if the product/service is gaining traction)
Market opportunity (specifically for the business)
The problem (you are solving)
The product/service (your solution to the problem, how your solution better than anyone else’s on the market)
Revenue/Business model (how you plan to make money, channels of distribution, gross margins)
Marketing and growth strategy (market size, how you will reach your customer and leveraging points, what the next 12-24 months look like for growth)
The team (including professionals you may hire)
Financials snapshot (high-level, current and pro forma statements; details included in print documents)
Competition (who you are directly and indirectly competing with)
Investment ask (capital amount and terms you are requesting, how you will use the amount)

NOTE: This counts for 50% of your final project grade.


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