This assignment is another opportunity to add to or improve your technology skills, and continue to develop your teaching strategies toolkit of information and resources.
In this assignment, you are being asked to create a sustainable resource blog that you can add to any time you want.
You can use any blog platform as long as you are able to share it with your professor by granting temporary access if you do not want to make your blog public. Once your blog is evaluated by your professor, you can discontinue the access. Examples of platforms are available in the resources section.
You should have a title page that represents who you are as a teacher. Write and visually represent your teaching philosophy.
Once your title page is complete, create a page/post for each of the 12 categories below:

Early Childhood Teaching
Early Childhood Learning
Early Childhood Development
Teaching by Topic
Assessment for Learning
NAEYC Accreditation Standards
NAEYC Position Statements
Early Childhood Education and Context
Early Childhood Education and Culture
Early Childhood Education and Family Engagement
Early Childhood Education and Community Engagement
Early Childhood Education Professional Development

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For each of these 12 categories, you should include two resources by pasting the link to the webpage.

In total, you will have 13 pages/posts in your blog

1 title page
1 page for each of the 12 categories above

Each of the 12 categories will include 2 resource links
Each resource link will include a brief description of the resource that explains how it corresponds with the category.

For example:
Category: Early Childhood Teaching
Resource 1: Association for Early Childhood Leaders 
Description: This organization is nationally accredited and aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of early childhood professionals to foster the best possible opportunities for children. They promote some of the following: (1) collaboration and networking; (2) training and education; (3) program quality/accreditation; and (4) accessibility to many resources. They refer to themselves as an early learning marketplace!
Resource 2: NPR Ed—A Path Out of Poverty: Career Training + Quality Head Start – 
Description: This is a 2017 article posted by NPR that discusses quality preschool programs and includes embedded links about two-generation programs. There is an interview dialogue with Eckrich Sommer, a professor in ECE, and insightful resources about the return investment in ECE and several other resources.
The resources you choose to include in your blog can be international, national, state, regional, or local community organizations or anything that is informative and aligns with the categorical topic.
Length: 13-page blog
References: 24 Internet resource links and descriptions


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