5 Interesting Threats (Security) – 24 hours!

**I have added an example, that makes it easier!** 

**Read the instruction carefully before accepting this assignment**
Have a look at these resources, (or any other resources that you identified). Write an article discussing 5 threats that you found interesting.The article should include the following information: 

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5 Interesting Threats (Security) – 24 hours!
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Choose 5 topics from list below, and describe one interesting threat on each topic:
o Physical security
o Web application
o Network
o Malware   

· For each threat, describe:
o Resources you used;
o What is it about, which topic (see the list above) it covers;
o Why interesting;
o Which vulnerability is involved;  what is its CVSS value? use the calculator (https://www.first.org/cvss/calculator/3.0) ; motivate the CVSS values;
o Describe at least one incident associated with this threat;  explain its impact on CIA; and give suggestion on possible mitigations.
Each threats should be described at about two A4 pages.  So in total, the body of this document should be about 10 pages, excluding citations.

There are various resources where you can find information on recent cyber threats, for example:

Threatpost | The first stop for security news



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