5.2 Developing Problem Statements & Questions

5.2 Developing Problem Statements & Questions

This discussion will serve as a drafting area for your upcoming assignment in 5.3. Based on your annotated bibliography in Module 3, develop a research problem statement and guiding research question(s) that could be used to guide a study in your field. You will simply write in the textbox here in this forum. 

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5.2 Developing Problem Statements & Questions
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Specifically, present one paragraph of background of the topic area. Then, write one paragraph that contains your problem statement (start this paragraph with, “The problem to be addressed in this study is”).  

Then, provide one to three overarching research question(s) that, if answered, would accomplish the goals of your research and resolve all/part of the research problem. Finally, write one quantitative hypothesis to test in this proposed study. Remember, a hypothesis is a supposition about a relationship between variables, so focus on one variable having an effect on another.

Include your references formatted per current APA standards.


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