4 page homework

For this assignment, we are going to stretch our knowledge outside of the text book!  Using what you have learned regarding minorities and health  – lets look at how this plays out in current events.
First, you will need to read the full article I have provided in the link (see below).  To begin with – you will summarize the article. Then, you will respond the the following questions in a thoughtful and critical manner. 
1.  How does this article relate to minority health?  Provide a summary.
2.  What are at least 2 steps that can be taken to impact this problem?
3.  What are at least 2 concepts that have led to this problem?
4.  What is your reaction to this article?  Please relate your reaction to what we are learning in our class, and how it affects you personally.
Your responses to the questions, and summary should be at least 4 pages in length (double spaced). 
Too Much of Too Little
Or here is the direct link:

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