2 Part Discussion


Do a little investigating and find out what environmental issue (or issues) local groups, your local government, or your state government are trying to tackle.

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2 Part Discussion
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What is/are the specific environmental issue/s (describe the issue/s)?
How are you connected to this issue, if at all?
What credible source did you find?
Are you concerned – why or why not?
What are 2 or 3 broader possible issues related to the environmental problem (for example, the political and economic impact of the problem)?

Now, assemble a [dream] team of 3 to 5 experts from the academic community and organizations looking at your type of local issue and discuss the following:

What problems have they been assigned to tackle and why? In other words, what is it about their skill or knowledge that makes them suited to help the community solve this problem? The special team you assemble may address or reflect your specific concern/s about this local environmental issue or issues.

Finally, what academic knowledge and skills are you using to address the environmental issue?



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