2-3 page assignment. APA format, PH.d assignment

Everything that is needed is included. both peer reviewed articles are included in the attachments

The library is a great resource and probably one of the most important in your pursuit of scholarship and your degree. Libraries of all types have changed; even brick and mortar libraries allow for searching and reserving resources online. But what about a library that exists completely in “cyberspace”—that is, one you can only access online? This Application Assignment will familiarize you with the Walden Library and how to download articles from its databases.
After reviewing the study notes in this week’s Learning Resources, conduct a keyword search in the Walden Library and download two peer-reviewed articles to use for this assignment.
The assignment: (2–3 pages)

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2-3 page assignment. APA format, PH.d assignment
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Provide an APA citation and brief summary for each of the two peer-reviewed articles you selected from the Walden Library.
Explain two ways that you evaluated the two articles you downloaded to ensure the information within them is, in fact, reliable and accurate.
Explain how you know that the two articles you downloaded are, in fact, from peer-reviewed journals.
Write a paragraph explaining the importance, to a scholar-practitioner, of peer review of scholarly journals.
Include in your explanation the importance of peer-reviewed articles to a scholar-practitioner in your area(s) of interest.



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