1. Research Paper – Counseling Women in Battering Relationships.

1. Research Paper – Counseling Women in Battering Relationships.

The research paper will be on a topic related to counseling the culturally diverse client

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1. Research Paper – Counseling Women in Battering Relationships.
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The body of the research paper should be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than10 pages (this DOES NOT include the title and reference pages – no abstract required – please do not include one). At least eight professional references are required (one or two of these references can be the required books for this course). Websites and brochure may be used but not as the eight professional references.

Professional references include peer-reviewed journals and/or scholarly textbooks. APA (7th edition student paper) style is required in the writing of this research paper. The research paper must cover the following information clearly designated by the use of the following headings and subheadings:

1. Section 1: Describe the topic (the population you are researching) in detail from the perspective of this course (e.g., multicultural considerations for living within a white macro-culture, mental health accessibility, knowledge of cultural values, beliefs, and worldviews).

2. Section 2: Address your understanding of how living in a pluralistic society affects clients’ worldviews who are seeking clinical mental health counseling services (explore all components of the client, including those related to race, ethnicity, gender, social class, religious and spiritual belief system, and sexuality).

a. In this section, also address the effects of racism, discrimination, sexism, power, privilege, and oppression on this population as well as on your own life and career.

b. Consider how one’s own identity is both similar and different to that of the cultural group identified and how it affects each person’s worldview.

c. Section 3: Address theories, approaches, strategies, and techniques shown to be effective when working with the chosen cultural group with mental and emotional disorders.

d. Make sure you address how counselors modify counseling systems, theories, techniques, and interventions to make them culturally appropriate for the chosen diverse population.

4. Section 4: Describe an advocacy plan/strategy that you would design to support your client (from the chosen cultural group) and to influence public policy on macro and micro levels on behalf of your client.


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