· Discuss connections to the content of last week’s textbook readings.

Discuss connections to the content of last week’s textbook readings.

· Describe how differences in gender, generation, culture, and organization can affect communication. Identify examples of each of these that you have observed.

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· Discuss connections to the content of last week’s textbook readings.
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· Explain how communication content and medium (in person, phone, text, e-mail, letter, etc.) selection vary according to the situation (context), goals, and relationship of those involved. Provide examples.

· Perform a self-evaluation of your communication skills. What areas did you identify as needing improvement? What steps will you take to improve those areas? How will you benefit from making those changes?

· Observe two different leaders as they communicate with others. Focus on their communication in various situations and with different people (e.g., people they supervise, people they report to, patients, interprofessional coworkers). Evaluate their communication skills as they engage with the varying types of audiences. How did they adapt their communication to fit the situation and the audience?

· Consider a recent interaction you witnessed.

· What appeared to be the situation and the contexts that framed what was going on?

· Did the sender express the message clearly?

· Did the sender use the appropriate medium?

· Did the sender listen and respond to questions and comments?

· How did the receiver respond?

· What was the outcome?

· Now think about a recent interaction where you were the sender using the above questions. If you could replay the interaction, what would you do differently?

· Explain delegation and distinguish between responsibility, accountability, and authority.

· Evaluate the delegation process, including the steps in delegation, key behaviors for successful delegation, and the implications of accepting delegation. Assess the factors that contribute to ineffective delegation. Provide examples of both from your clinical experience.

· Find opportunities to observe delegation. Compare it to the delegation process (Box 11-3, page 167 of Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing). How well did the delegator follow the steps of the process? Did the delegator employ the key behaviors in delegating tasks (Box 11-4, page 170 of Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing)? Was the delegation successful, if not, why? What factors were the cause for ineffective delegation?

· Examine the influence communication has on delegation.

Pick 5 of the above solid bullet points. 100 words each.

Must include 4 references from professional journal, APA style. No Wikipedia.


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